About the Sisters …!

Sister num.1: lil teacher the eldest and “draiwel” for my sisters.

Sister num.2: The PHotographer, I’m stuck in the middle =D

Last but not least, Sister num.3: The Jie3da, I’m….still don’t know what to do in my life! living for FILFIL :p


10 thoughts on “About the Sisters …!”

  1. Amazing blog, best of luck to the 3 of you !!

    – The Fixtures Q8

  2. i really liked ur blog much love givin for ur big effort ,,,i hope u dont mind with you checking my blog am a new blogger so your opinion matters

  3. ShayomiAl said:

    وايد يونس البلوغ مالكم

    وماشاء الله ابداع بكل شي ووايد عجبني التصوير

    ناطرين يديدكم

    دونت ستوب

  4. شيخه said:

    Goo head ablltna‏ ‏‎ o allh ywfg aljme3

  5. Nice blog check mine if you have time ;* http://infinityanndbeyond.blogspot.com

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